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Gail Blankenau is an experienced genealogist and photo historian who shares her research and advice in such well-known periodicals as the New England Historical and Genealogical Register, The Genealogist, Everton’s Genealogical Helper, and Family Chronicle and Internet Genealogy magazines. Genealogists who crave unique perspectives and a fresh point of view will find new inspiration and ideas in her engaging and high-energy presentations. List of Current Presentations: Tumbleweeds in the Window -- Women Homesteaders & Genealogy Break Through Using Land Records Follow the Land -- Land Records II Introduction to German Parish Records Digging Deeper in German Parish Records Finding Your Germanic Ancestral Village Germans from Russia Who is Hiding in Your Drawer? Dating and Identifying Your 19th Century Photographs Keeping Up with the Smiths...and Joneses Rich Resources for Poor Ancestors Stories in Stone -- Cemetery Research Going Dutch in the Digital Age -- Online for Dutch Ancestry Genealogy 101 Genealogy 102
Testimonials   Gail was genuine and refreshing. Gail was very knowledgeable. Great to have a speaker who can talk about getting around brick walls. The best on land records I’ve ever seen.  
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